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Welcome to your number one source for information on and related to Cheating at Gambling. Everyone at some point and time has thought about cheating especially when you read or hear about people that take millions of dollars from a casino and vanish into the world never to be seen again. Unfortunatley this is a romantic image and most of us realize that cheating has serious consequenses and sooth ourselves with that knowledge. Even this however doesn't seem to squash the interest in gambling cheats.

This site has been developed to satisfy this thirst for information on gambling cheats.

About Cheating

There are certain images that come to mind when people think of gambling cheats, crooked dealers, loaded dice, slight of hand and a coin on a string. All of these items have been or are being used in casino's today. As the casinos become better at spotting gambling cheats the cheaters adapt and develop more sophisticated methods of cheating. is going to cover most of the known cheating devices and methods. Since these methods and devices are known by Casino's and law enforcement, we don't recommend that you try any of these at your local casino, or any casino for that matter. It is amazing to see the effort that has been put into trying to cheat in all forms of gambling.

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