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Roulette Cheats

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is the possible the most well known Roulette Cheat around. Some people will swear that this is the only way to win big at the Roulette table while other will swear that is you rely on this cheat you will be ruined. regardless of what will happen if you use this cheat it certainly needs to be covered.

The way the Martingale system works is you start with a set wagering amount. Lets use $2 for simplicity sake. You place a two dollar wager on your bet of choice and continue to place $2 bets until you lose. Once you lose you will increase your wager to $4. If you win that wager you return to $2 wagers, if you loose you increase your next wager to $8 and continue to double your wager until you win.

By doubling your wager after each loss you are guaranteeing that when you do win you will win back all the money you have lost and you will ba back to being even.

Now you will notice that the wagers climb in value quite quickly and you will need a fairly large bankroll to use this cheat. While this may be true you will likely break even before you reach nine wagers as the probability of losing Losing 9 consecutive wagers are approximately .00313 for American Roulette and .0025 for European Roulette.

Like any other cheating method this one involves risk. In this case the risk is monetary instead of criminal.

Five Number Roulette System

This system works by placing five individual straight-up inside bets on five individual numbers on the roulette table (don't forget about the zero and double zero). You will want to start at a table with a low minimum bet and buy 40 $1 chips, this will help limit any losses. By wagering on the inside bets you are getting a return of 35 to one when you win. So a single number hitting on a $1 wager would return $35. By winning two consecutive times you have more than doubled your money.

Red/Black Roulette System

This system is essentially the Martingale system except you limit yourself to placing wagers on the Red or Black position. The payout is 1 to 1 on these wagers and the chances of winning on red or Black are just below 50/50.

To take this cheat to the next level you will need a partner and will need to expect to walk away from the table even at best. The reason you should expect to only break even is that you will be wagering on Red and your partner will be wagering on Black. As a team you won't lose very much (remember the zeros) but because you can wager large amounts of money you will get comps from the casino which are just as good as money. Remember though you can't hang around with your partner in the casino or you will be caught.

The Anti-Martingale Roulette System

The Anti-martingale System is similar to the Martingale system in that you double you wagers however it differs in that instead of doubling after a loss like the Martingale System has you doing, The Anti-Martingale System has you doubling after a win. Essentially you leave your winnings on the table and like the famous movie quote "Let em Ride". For this system you will want to be wagering on any even money wager like Red or Black, Even or Odd. Lets say you again start with a $2 wager and win, you then wager $4 and again you win, now you are up to a $8 wager and you can see how your winnings can grow quickly from a small initial wager. This system unlike the Martingale doesn't require a large bankroll and can be very profitable if you get on a winning streak. The trade off is you are giving up small wins for larger wins.

The D'Alembert System

The D'Alembert System or 'The Pyramid' was invented during the French Enlightenment period of the 1700's by one of the major mathematician and philosopher of the time Jean d'Alembert. This system was designed to work with Even money wagers like Red or Black, Even or Odd and High or Low. This system works by starting with a wager, if you win that wager you reduce the amount for the next spin as the chance you will win two spins in a row is low. Like wise if you lose a wager you increase your wager for the next spin as you are more likely to win.

This system has a few advantages over other systems. The increase in your wagers is slower therefore you bankroll will last longer and you can stop your session at any point if your nerve leaves and not be down hundreds or dollars in a few spins. The second advantage is that you can quickly find your bankroll in the positive and you can again leave the table early and happy. This system rely's on a balance between winning ad losing bets which can be difficult to achieve.

The Contra D'Alembert system

Unlike the D'Alembert system where you increase your wager when you loose and decrease it when you win the Contra D'Alembert system has you increasing your wager when you win and returning to your initial wager unit when you lose. This system focuses on winning as much as possible during a positive series and limiting your loses on negative ones. The downside of this system is that if you are on a long winning streak and you happen to lose all of your winnings can be wiped out in a single loss. Although your losses are very limited during a losing streak.

Reduced D'Alembert

The reduced D'Alembert system was designed to reduce the amount of risk involved with the D'Alembert system. This system isn't designed to reach a balance between winning and loosing but to take advantage of winning a few betting units.
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