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Slot machines are the single biggest target of gambling cheats. The reason for this is obvious, you are playing a machine with only a few people to watch over the vast numbers of these machines in a casino. On a busy day it is easy to get lost in the crowd around the slot machines. Another reason for cheating slot machines is that you can move from machine to machine without garnering to much attention. The machine doesn't get suspicious when you win big and move on like a dealer or croupier at a table might.

Because slot machines have been such a popular target a lot of time and money has been spent on foiling the cheaters. Unfortunately like anything it takes time for a flaw to be corrected and in that time a lot of money can be lost. This is what the cheaters count on.

The types of cheating that we will cover have been divided into four sections, Coin Tricks, Electronic, Physical Devices and Programming Gaff.
  • Money Tricks - These are various methods for tricking the slot machine into thinking that money has been inserted when non actually has.
  • Electronic - The use of various electronic devices to override the slot machines programming.
  • Physical Devices - These devices are used to prevent the slot machine from registering the correct payout.
  • Programming Gaff - Lines of code inserted in to the slot machines program that will allow a player knowing the 'secret code' to cheat the machine.
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